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Fog type anti-pollution suspension porcelain insulator has same E&M strength class as the normal type.
It usually serve in coastlands and rainy areas with large creepage distance structure and well flashover performance in wet condition.
Clevis and tongue coupling
Rated E&M failing load 100kN.

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Fog type disc suspension porcelain insulator is used un-synchronism soggy of inner shed and inhibition of discharge by high groove edge under shed, so the artificial pollution flashover voltage is higher, and the anti-pollution performance is better. This type is suit for the area with industrial dust, chemical industry, salt coastal and fog.
There is deep edge groove at the bottom of fog type disc suspension porcelain insulators,  and the inner interspace under the shed is not easy to be affected with damp. But if the inner interspace is fully damp, the surface of top shed has been already over-damp, the pollution washing off would be affected, so as to improve anti-pollution withstand voltage, that's why this type require big creepage distance.