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Good self-cleaning performance and not easy to aging.

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Tempered glass insulator has the characteristics of zero-value self-breakage and easy detection. In practical use, it can fully display good performance advantages and perform good functions and functions. Tempered glass insulator has the characteristics of zero-value self-breakage.As long as the observation on the ground or in the helicopter, there is no need to mount the pole piece by piece detection, reducing the labor intensity of workers.Insulators are introduced into the production line, with an annual self-breaking rate of 0.02-0.04%, which can save the maintenance cost of the line, have good performance of arc resistance and vibration resistance, and play an important role and value in the power industry.

The new surface on which the glass insulator suffers lightning burns during operation is still a smooth vitreous body and has a tempered internal stress protection layer, so that it still maintains sufficient insulating part energy and mechanical strength.The dancing hazard caused by the ice tread of the conductor occurred many times on the 500kV line. After the dancing of the conductor, the glass insulator was tested, and the mechanical and electrical performance did not decay.Toughened glass insulator type: standard type pollution-resistant DC type spherical type aerodynamic type ground line electric railway contact network, different types in the actual use of the important role and value.

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